Rehabilitation of Senator Barak Obama

Providing access to basic education is a priority of the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. To this end, the Foundation plans to demolish the existing dilapidated Senator Barack Obama Primary and Secondary Schools which serve approximately 500 students annually.

These institutions were built over a decade ago but have not been maintained. As a result, students are learning in decrepit and unstable structures. A majority of the children have a unique history. They have suffered through the traumatic experience of seeing one or both of their parents succumb to HIV/AIDS and are now under the care of grandparents who not only lack the resources to feed them but also cannot support them in meeting their basic needs such as education, medical care and shelter.

For these children, the Senator Barak Obama Primary and Secondary Schools are a safe refuge where they can discover the world of learning and a sense of hope. It is for this reason that the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation has elected to prioritize the rehabilitation of these schools.