Development of a Vocational Center

Mama Sarah’s life-long dream has been to provide opportunities for children to get an education. Her unparalleled efforts to educate poverty-stricken children and orphans over the years have borne great results, the majority of children completed primary school. But deep in her heart, Mama Sarah understood that these children needed long-term support in order to continue their education. She knew that higher education was the key for their success.

Given the low levels of college enrollments in the area, MSOF plans to build a Vocational Skills Center. The Center’s goal is to offer an alternative for students who cannot afford a college education to gain marketable skills that enable them to earn income either through employment or self-owned businesses. Courses offered will include information technology, tailoring, masonry, mechanic, construction, and carpentry. It is estimated that the Center will enroll approximately 200 students annually.

Join Mama Sarah in Creating a Brighter Future for Children

Mama Sarah’s dream to give orphans and other vulnerable children a fighting chance for a brighter future is made possible by you, so please join her in being a champion for children.