Construction of an Early Childhood Development Center

Mama Sarah believes that it is never too early to start learning. For this reason, she has developed a vision for the development of an Early Childhood Development Center, the first of its kind in Kogelo village. The Center will serve approximately 65 children and provide supportive, quality and nurturing early childhood education programs that focus on creativity, respect, responsibility, and community

The Center will draw on a range of methodologies that allow children to explore their world by taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. The goal of the Center is to prepare children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond by creating classroom environments that spark inquisitiveness, promote inquiry and cultivate critical thinkers.

Early Childhood Development Center Facilities

One infant class for babies ages birth to two years.
Two toddler classrooms for children ages two to four years.
Two classrooms for children ages four to six years
Learning Centers in toddler classrooms that consist of: science/sensory center, library center, arts and crafts center.
Outdoors play areas – will include a sandbox, playground with swings, slides, climbing bars etc and will give children an opportunity to develop strong, healthy bodies through physical activities such as running, jumping, swinging, climbing, and riding tricycles.

  • Restrooms.
  • Teacher’s lounge.
  • Kitchen facilities.
  • Two offices.